34 is number of sample, is this correct?

Hi guys, could someone remind few things as below, thank you! Of course, I will check the previous class slides as well.

Q1, the 34 in the pic below is the number of the sample, is this correct ? If yes, 34 (sample/batch) x 32 (batch) =1088 not 1080 ?

Q2, in one epoch, it goes through all 1080 samples or just samples in one batch?

Q3, when I run the model.fit on the browser (jupyter), it’s so fast, just like 10 secs. But my PC took much longer, somehow like 2 minutes. Is this normal ? There is a super PC behind the jupyter ?
Thank you!

Since there are 1080 examples, and a batch size of 32, the last batch has only 24 examples.

Coursera has a GPU array for running your notebook.