4.4. Complete the human loop tasks - Log in

I’m unable to log in for the human task… with the given credentials it doesn’t work. I Tried 5 times already.
can anyone help?

Hi @PDS_Mentors,

Can one of you help here ?


Hello Everyone… if someone can help in this ? Been trying for 2 days now…

@Pranay_waghmare which lab of the course 3 is this?

Its Course 3 - Week 3 Data Labeling and human in the loop pipeline lab

@Pranay_waghmare thank you for the reply. I refreshed the lab for you, could you please try again. It may take time, but you should be able to access it.

Hello @esanina Its sill not working. with the generated login credentials. I’ve been trying after you refreshed the lab. please help. also if I submit without doing this exercise many of the initial exercises are not graded. even if its showing in the LAB.



@Pranay_waghmare could you please check the username and password that you are entering (they are in the printscreen in the cell output). If you still have some issues, please download and send me your notebook to the email elena.sanina@deeplearning.ai

I’ve been using the generated credentials in the output to login.
I’ve emailed you the notebook as well.
please help
C3_W3_Assignment.ipynb (56.4 KB)

@Pranay_waghmare thank you for the notebook. I ran your code up to the login section and did not have any problems to login. Could you please check the user name and password you are entering - they should be appearing in the cell output, e.g.:

If you won’t be able to sign in, please make a screen recording and send me - that might help to investigate the issue.

Hey @esanina… i found out what i was doing wrong I was entering the username without the user- in it… and just the number… i was able to submit it today… thank you for all your help.

Sound great, happy learning @Pranay_waghmare !