5000 rows?

I’m trying to do the last assignment on Google colab and when I load the data there’s 5000 rows rather than 1000 as in the training. Is this normal?

@Amit_Misra1, are you talking about the Course 2, Week 1 assignment, Neural Networks for Binary Classification? And you are trying to run it in Colab instead of in the Coursera browser environment you get to by clicking on the “Work in Browser” button?

If so, the autils.py for that assignment has this definition for load_data():

def load_data():
    X = np.load("data/X.npy")
    y = np.load("data/y.npy")
    X = X[0:1000]
    y = y[0:1000]
    return X, y

So, it is limiting to just 1000 rows. Take a look at the load_data() in your autils.py in your colab to make sure it is also limiting to 1000.

Also, if this is the assignment you’re talking about, could you update this topic to Week 1 instead of Week 2 to make it easier for other learners to find this thread if they run into a similar issue.

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Thanks Wendy,
You were right the data was not limited to 1000 rows so I added that.