About load_raw_audio('./raw_data/') in Trigger Word Assignment

I’m confused about the output of the line


in the Trigger Word assignment. The raw_data folder contain 4 subfolder, but the output only read three of them, which I assume from folders backgorunds, activates, negatives. Here’s the output

([<pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c59bd90>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5a2040>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5a2130>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5b4070>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5b4640>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5b43a0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c5b44f0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e1f0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54ed60>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54eaf0>],
 [<pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e8b0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e280>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e2e0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e310>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469580>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469970>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469b50>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469370>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469d60>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c469490>],
 [<pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54ebb0>,
  <pydub.audio_segment.AudioSegment at 0x24f7c54e970>])

What’s happen?

Hi @kelvinn,

The function load_raw_audio () returns only activates, negatives, background. If there is extra material in the raw_data folder, the extra materials are not loaded.

I just noticed that that function is came from td_utils, and defined that way. It’s not clear at the beginning. As a student I feel better if I can see where’s the function came from before call it. Which in this case it’s not because the way it’s imported from td_utils as

from td_utils import *

But hey, that’s a minor things. I can live with that. Thanks @Kic btw.

Hi @kelvinn ,

It is great to have students like yourself participating in discussions. We can all learn from each other, and that is what make this community vibrant. If there is anything we could help, do drop us a message.