Account is still in cleanup C1W3

Hello, I have an issue. I cannot start the lab because system indicates the message “account is still in cleanup” even a lot of days after the last attemp expired. How can I do to complete the course?

Hi Marcus,

One of your fellows mentioned (here ) that the cleanup takes some time.

Please try now, and see if the error persists. Most probably it won’t happen. Else, I’ll ask the staff to look into it.


I also have had the same issue for a while. I tried to launch it 5 times (5 different days). I would wait as long as 1 hour and it would still be red. I would try to launch again and it simply does not work. Help me please.

Hi Leonardo,

Let me ask the staff to address your issue.


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@leo.f.castro thank you for the message. I have refreshed your C1W3 lab account, please try to access it again.