Account still clean up

[This issue is resolved and I removed the personal email information]
Hi I encountered the issue of account still being cleaned up for Course 1 Week 3 lab. My email is xx. Could you help me refresh? Thanks!

If you search the forum for the term “clean up”, I think you’ll find other threads where a staff member was able to help fix the issue.

You’ll need to tag that staff member on this thread.

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@Elena_Riazantseva @esanina Could you pls help with this?
Same issue for me for both C2W1 and C1W3. Thanks!

This issue is resolved. I can finish these two labs now. Thanks team!

@Elena_Riazantseva @esanina I have the same problem with my AWS when I start lab. Could you please help me to fix it?

@mariam_z thank you for the message. Which course and lab do you have problem with?