In the Ungraded lab of week 3(course 1), there is a code line :
activation_model = tf.keras.models.Model(inputs = model.input, outputs = layer_outputs)

i don’t get it. because here we are defining a new model. even we don’t use layer objects from the previous trained model(which include the parameters).

So I believe this new model needs to be trained again! I mean how this model access the trained parameters?

I hope i could ask my question.


The ungraded lab you’re referring to is from course 1 week 3 (C1_W3_Lab_1_improving_accuracy_using_convolutions.ipynb)
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Since we are interested in capturing just the outputs for visualization and not interested in tuning the layers, there’s no need to train activation_model.

Thanks balaji
Sorry for the mistake
you mean the activation model has never been trained before?
But how can we predict a model before training it?

model has been trained. We are using activation_model to capture outputs of interest from model and so doesn’t have to be compiled / trained.