Adjusting the learning rate


So I have a problem regarding this when running an error occurs, it has been several days have not found an effective solution, can anyone help?

The error is probably on the parameters passed to method of tensorflow, check this link on how to set the required parameters properly, don’t set up anything for the rest it will defaults:


can you specify which specialisation, course and assignment name is this?

Your history =, has a missing code related to your data and as it is not there, so you have Class none type.

Kindly mention the assignment specific detail for better guidance.


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On Programming Tasks: Working with generated time series

Specialisation and course name, which week

Deeplearning ai TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Coursera nama kursus Sequences Time Series and Prediction week 1

This can’t be week 1 assignment. Week 1 is housing price assignment and this seems to be related to callback.

Check your callback codes, especially logs

Can you confirm if this is course 1 week 2 assignment