AI political debate in absolute terms

I haven’t watched the AI Senate hearing but I have a few open questions as an AI novice. How do AI programs like LLMs offer pitfalls in politics in general? I know chat rooms depend highly on search engines like Google and Wikileaks pages to support or refute claims. What are the current parameters of how this is regulated for ChatGTP and other AI models? Will their opinions be definitive or used for manipulation? I know I’ve used ChatGTP before and had it refuse to answer questions. Will this continue with the question posed to the user to unlock debate? Or is AI always going to be definitive?

Did you generate that with AI? It seems a little bit long and flawless.

It’s not regulated.

Not definitive, due to LMM’s love of confabulation. Yes, will be used for manipulation. The topic is politics, and that’s always about manipulating opinions.

AI is never definitive. It’s always subject to bias in the data set, or the development of the model, or bias in the interpretation of the results.

@TMosh I know there is no US government regulation but what are the internal regulations being imposed by OpenAI and others to keep from forming opinions for its users? That’s also where politics ties in.

Those are good questions.