AI scope in Real Estate

Hi all, I am new to AI but really eager to know how AI can shape up or transform conventional industries like real estate.

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That a very great question. In Singapore, I had seen startup using AI in the real estate. Some areas I seen are

  • Property Search and Recommendations to potential clients.
  • Property Valuation and Prediction
  • Targeted Ads and Marketing
  • Customer Service using ChatBot etc etc.

I believe the above are just the surface and there more to this. Prof Andrew Ng had mentioned he had not seen a particular domain that AI cannot apply and joke that even someone can built a robot to cut his hairstyle. :grin:

Thanks for sharing - what is the startup name?

Cannot remember the exact name. Think is . There some other that I cannot remember off the shelf. :blush:

I found this article by Mckinsey pretty helpful on how AI can transform real estate

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Hello @Vishwas30,

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the traditional landscape of industries, and real estate is no exception. Through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, AI is streamlining processes, enhancing decision-making, and optimizing efficiency in the real estate sector. Smart algorithms analyze vast datasets to predict market trends, offering valuable insights for investment decisions. Virtual assistants powered by AI facilitate smoother interactions between buyers, sellers, and agents, improving customer experiences. Moreover, AI is instrumental in risk assessment, fraud detection, and personalized property recommendations.

Here is an Damco’s article that explains how Generative AI can help in Stock Market prediction

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I have worked on a project that predicts property prices, which I believe is highly beneficial for both buyers and sellers. It provides an approximate evaluation of the property, aiding in decision-making regarding whether to sell or buy by offering a tentative and approximate idea about the property’s value.