Already updated and submitted TFJob but still issue

kubectl apply -f tfjob.yaml

W0617 12:17:13.278749 2186 gcp.go:120] WARNING: the gcp auth plugin is deprecated in v1.22+, unavailable in v1.25+; use gcloud instead.
To learn more, consult Kubectl auth changes in GKE v1.25 : gke-gcloud-auth-plugin | Google Cloud Blog unchanged

Please help.

I am unable to complete the assignment due to this issue. Am i doing something wrong… Please help.

Please specify the exact reason why you’re unable to complete the lab. The trace in the post seems to be a warning. It would be helpful to provide the quiklabs feedback in your original post for context.

This is warning.
Most problem is to edit tfjob.yaml file with your image and bucket name.