API free credit expired!

I had created my account with OpenAi sometime ago just to use the chat interface and while taking this course I realized that I had free api credit that I didn’t know about which have now expired.
Any ideas if I can get them restored?

You can create a new OpenAI account and then start using a new API key.

But it is asking for a phone number verification via sms.

Yes, verification is required for creating an account.

I have already used my number to verify my previous account

Hello, I have the same issue.
abhaya, did it work with creating a new account?
Are there any other possibilities?

At time of creation it asks for phone verification, I don’t have other number so I didn’t try.

ok, thank you!
Mujassim_Jamal, what do you think?

I’m clueless about whether this still works.

Thanks for your reply