Apparent conflicting instructions about C2W4 project

I’m sure this can be quickly resolved, but I am confused about seemingly conflicting instructions that are stopping my progress. In the C2W4 final assignment, under “Parsing the dataset” the instructions say that function should return two numpy arrays that should [each] have type float64. I presumes it is referring to “labels” and “images”. (Return two arrays for each line?)

However, a comment provided in the function says "returns images, labels: tuple of numpy arrays containing the images and labels. This makes sense, if each line contains two arrays, one for the label ( 1 x 1?) and the image (28 x 28?) Therefore, are labels and images tuples or arrays? But since tuples are immutable, I can’t instantiate one and iteratively add to it.

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Dear @Gunnar_Baldwin,

Please post the screenshot.

Here is a screen shot with the instructions in two places. Clarification would be great—thank you!

It seems like I am nearly there, but still need to know if the “expected output” is one big 3-dimensional array (number_of-images x 28 x 28) or individual 28 x 28 arrays for each image, with the code automatically generating a tuple.that also includes the number training and validation images.