Apple puts child safety over user privacy

Apple, which has made a point of its commitment to user privacy, announced that it will scan iPhones for evidence of child abuse.

What’s new: The tech giant will include a machine learning model on the device to recognize pornographic images of children stored in the photo library. Privacy advocates said the feature could be used to spy on innocent people.

Why it matters: Apple has been a holdout for privacy amid a tech-industry gold rush for user data. Its decision to budge on this issue suggests an inevitable, broader shift away from protecting individuals and toward making society more safe.
We’re thinking: Child abuse is a global problem, and tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others have banded together to fight it. While we support this effort, we worry about the possibility — perhaps driven by government pressure — that scanning photo libraries could turn into scanning other types of content, and that aim of keeping children safe could veer toward less laudable goals.

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