Assignment 3 , Supervised learning Question 5 error


I keep getting the following error

Code cell UNQ_C5 Function ‘ compute_cost_reg’ is incorrect. Check implementation

As our top mentor Paul said, the first rule of debugging is always to trust the error. If it says to check the compute_cost_reg then please check it. Have you seen \color{forestgreen}{\text{All tests passed}}?

I didn’t consider that because for the other excercises I received errors and still got 66% for the assignment.


I have added and modified the code for excercise 5 in assignment 3 but I am still failing the question.

It says

Code Cell UNQ_C5 function ‘compute_cost_reg’ is incorrect Check implementation

May I please send my code to you in private?

The first thing to check is, have you re-named your notebook ipynb file?
Doing that will break the grader.

How do I rename it?

What I’m saying is, you should not rename it, because that causes problems with the grader.

If you haven’t re-named the file, then we can proceed with the next step.

I haven’t renamed it

What is the next step?

That’s not a situation you should be happy with. Errors should always be fixed. They generally mean your code doesn’t work correctly.

I’ll send you a private message with instructions.


How do I download the entire file so that you can review it?

Please read this.

To close-out the issue:
Be sure that your code works for any number of features (as well as any number of examples). Using fixed-value indices will often cause problems.

The function can solve a number of ills.