Assignment due date gone

Heyy Everryone actually I have an assignment due in coursera regarding the same course which I got to know right now and will it be possible that I submit it after the due date???

You can move your deadlines, the Coursera page for the course should give you this option as a web page banner.

Good day, @TMosh
I got a problem with my optional lab environment. As I used the following command in code cell and run it.
!pip install PythonTurtle
Is it possible to get any help? Thanks much

I recommend you not enter that code in the notebook.

Thanks @TMosh
The problem is I entered that code into the notebook without knowing it will cause issues. After run that code, I could not run new code cell anymore. A workaround I found is to reboot the server, but looks it works for a while then runs into issue again. Any other advice to repair that damages? Thanks much

Sorry, I do not know how to fix this.

It seems to me that if you delete that code from your notebook, then use “File → Save and checkpoint”, then reboot the server, then use “Cell → Run all”, that should clear any possible issues.