Attribute Error

Greetings all! I am writing to post an error im getting. Here are the screen shots of it:

Tensorflow 2

I am wondering why I am getting this error AFTER I installed the tensorflow_data_validation module. Why is this happening ?

Note: I am doing the lab on week 1 in Course 2 of the MLOps specialization on my local machine.

Please do the labs on colab or be prepared to fix installation issues on your personal setup.

One way for you to start fixing such problems is to do the following:

  1. Create a virtual environment (eg. python -m venv my_venv) and install dependencies for the lab.
  2. Open your colab environment and compare your package version against the colab version. To give a concrete example, start by comparing versions of tfx across both environments.
  3. Match versions for important packages like tfx and tensorflow and fix rest of them as you need.
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Thanks for your assistance!