Autoscaling TensorFlow Model Deployments with TF Serving and Kubernetes - Instruction clarification

For the “Monitoring the load test” step, The lab mentions:
To monitor the TensorFlow Serving deployment open a new tab in the same browser window in which you run Cloud Shell and navigate to the following URL:

How does one open a new tab in the same browser window and get access to the URL?
I tried to open a new tab in Google Chrome, entered the URL, but it defaults to access with a different user.

I don’t think what I tried is correct so I was wondering if somebody could clarify what are the steps to open a tab (which tab) in the same browser window which you run Cloud Shell.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @datapug
My opinion is that you have an access issue. Maybe when you entered the URL, it logged on using your personal user account. To get rid of that please try the following instrunctions.
Under Chrome you can open a new ‘incognito’ window.
Then you can open write the URL suggested in the lab
You have to log in using the username/password suggested by the lab at the beginning, something as ‘’ and the corresponding password.
Please let me know it this helped.

Ciao Fabio!

I was able to complete the lab before I saw this, but I’ll keep in mind the incognito alternative for the remaining labs.

Thank you for your help!

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