AWS account keeps getting deactivated

Even after selecting the right instance, my kernal died a few minutes later, before died everything was working fine most of the code goth executed as well once the kernal died the account also got deactivated this has happened to me twice during this lab of the course

[Lab 3 - Fine-tune FLAN-T5 with reinforcement learning to generate more-positive summaries | Coursera]

I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue because I am not able to complete my course because of this issue

Hi Sudhanshu. Please submit a request to reactivate your account using the form mentioned in item 8 of the FAQ. On your next attempt, please provide a screenshot like the one in item 10 of the said FAQ. That way, we can verify that you selected the correct instance. If it fails again, please also provide a screenshot of the error message. Lastly, please copy your AWS Account ID because we might need it later. It’s on the upper right of the AWS Console when you launch it from the Vocareum page (i.e. before you search for Sagemaker). Thanks.