AWS charged me $67 for this for Week 1 Homework1 - Purely malicious

(1) WHY is it not mentioned in the instructions to shut down the data wrangler instance? For 1st time users, are we supposed to conjure up a dream that we have to shut it down? AWS kept charging me for using Sagemaker when all i was doing is running homework using Data Wrangler. This is not just ludicrous, it’s malicious.

(2) For each lab, WHY doesn’t it shut down automatically after we submit the homework?

(3) If It doesn’t shut down for whatever reason, WHY are students taking this course NOT informed about so and asked to shut it down manually?

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Something similar happened to me as well. It was not related to the lab itself within this course, but to a AWS instance I had created just to test and experiment with the teachings. I didn’t know what I was doing really at that time, and I open an instance and run a AWS AutoML process with generated unwanted fees.

That being said, I simply contacted AWS and explain to them it was an honest mistake from my part, and I didn’t mean to leave any resources open. They refunded me immediately.

So just contact AWS support team. They are super responsive, and they should be able to resolve your case right away.

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Hi @adityahpatel, ideally when you spin up lab from coursera, the corresponding AWS student id is created at runtime and you won’t be incurring cost to your personal AWS account.
May I know, how the lab is invoked pls.

May be you used your personal account ?

My lab has exceeded limit and dint know I had the limit in the first place. May be if coursera can put a usage amount as we use it, it will be helpful.

Been more than 10 days and still trying to get my account reset.

I was charged as well after completing Week 2: USD65, is this something that was mentioned in the course?? tempted to cancel the course and notify others too.