Aws Data Wrangler

I have an AWS user account in my org, where I have access to limited roles like s3 & Sagemaker, and have recently been given access to Athena. I have been asked to use Athena to query data and I am not required to set up a database using the glue catalog, as that has been handled by the IT team.

After installing and importing awswrangler in my sagemaker notebook instance, any commands that I run like wr.catalog.get_databases(), wr.athena.read_sql_query() times out and does not execute.
What might be the issue here and how do I get it resolved? Appreciate any help in this regard.

It might be the role and configuration of the data and the execution environment as in the lab exercises we are given full control over the sagemaker and data and I don’t think the org account has the same level of access and permit.

Hi @Anas91

Great question.

Actually, With the power of “IAM, Identity Access Management” and “Execution Role” services of AWS, the AWS account could be restricted to only perform the Lab Assignment and not access to the other services.