AWS Labs - Account is never clean up. Cannot start labs

I am talking the second course(Build, Train, and Deploy ML Pipelines using BERT) in
Practical Data Science on the AWS Cloud lesson.

I cannot start labs in every three course. It is still clean up.
I restarted browser and logout from my personal account.

I finished all video in three courses but I cannot practice on AWS cloud console and submit.
I have been trying this for the last three days. Please help.

I contacted the help team in Coursera. They say they cannot help for this matter.
I am advised to post it on this forum.


This issue has been resolved. Please try again and let me know in case you come across it still.


@Mubsi Same problem here, tried it right now and no response from the aws server.

@Mubsi The problem still persists. Cannot start the AWS labs. Error: “account is still in clean up”. Please refer to attached screenshot. Thank you.

@Loumishima which lab and course do you have problems with? And could you please send me your Coursera username/email in a private message?

@Tze_Cheun_Lee thank you for reporting the problems. The issue that took place for some hours across all labs has been resolved, so now I refreshed your C2 W1 and C2 W3 labs, they should work now. Please let us know how it goes.