AWS labs status are a complete disgrace


I have the same problem as many students are posting both here in discourse and in coursera forums. Labs are not starting. They just stay in yellow status trying to spin up the LAB but it never happens. I attach an image below.

Now, I don’t want to rude but it’s a complete disgrace to have all the students waiting for a solution. Coursera support won’t offer a solution. Here we don’t find an answer. Remember this is is a paid course and every month we don’t complete the assignments we get charged. I have been having this problem for one month now. I think we deserve at least an update on the status if this is a general outage of the system.


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I am experiencing the same problem for the past few weeks with no solution. The lab never loads. About 5-10 minutes after clicking start lab, the AWS indicator changes from yellow back to red.