Aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dlai-practical-data-science/labs/c1w1-474798/ ./


I have this error to create my jupyter notebook i pasted this commande in my terminal : aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dlai-practical-data-science/labs/c1w1-474798/ ./
but i have this probleme : fatal error: An error occurred (NoSuchBucket) when calling the ListObjectsV2 operation: The specified bucket does not exist.

how can i solve this problem please

You filed this under the general category “Events”, but it looks like it’s about Practical Data Science Course 1 Week 1. I moved it for you by using the little “edit pencil” on the title of the thread. I don’t know anything about PDS, but you’re more likely to get an answer if you get the attention of the PDS mentors by filing it in the PDS category. Good luck and I hope someone who knows this course will notice and help you with this!

Hi @PDS_Mentors,

Can one of you help here ?