Barcodes classification project

Hi im trying to make a CNN project that detects Barcodes(QR/Datamatrix) in a pdf file or an image
I’m working the classification part now
I made a dataset that has QR code and Datamatrix code images and built a model but sometimes when i give the model a picture of QR/Datamatrix code it doesnt predict correctly what should i do to make the model better ?
ps: i used a data that have 720 images is it enough ?

Assuming that you’ve taken deep learning specialization, please clarify how this project is different from the ones covered in the courses.


Since you are working on the classification part of detecting barcodes from PDF or image file, the one approach you can use is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology combined with barcode detection algorithms. This will identify and classify barcodes within the extracted text.

If you are working to bring this project in public use, I think you should once connect with AI solutions expert team as the process would involve certain level of programming expertise, including knowledge of machine learning and computer vision techniques.

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