Blank screen C1_W2_Linear_Regression

The Juypter notebook for the assignment is not loading. It just shows a blank screen (with the upper menu bar).

I have tried rebooting the server and reverting to the old experience, but it just shows a blank screen.

Firefox on Ubuntu.

Is it just me or are there server upgrades happening or something and I should try later?

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What does this mean exactly?

I can load that notebook without any issues (Win10 and Chrome). The last update to this assignment was Jan 2023, I’m not aware of any in-progress changes.

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If you click on the help menu at the top right, there is the option to reboot the server and revert to the old experience. I clicked both of them.

I just tried again and it loaded - so I am guessing it was something on the server.

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Yeah, something is weird because the notebook seemed to load, but the Latex isn’t rendering (which hasn’t been a problem up to now)

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Thanks for the details.

“not rendering LaTex” tends to be a browser issue. Bad cookies, bad cache, or plugins can cause it.

Maybe try an anonymous or private browser session, see if that helps.


I have my own home lab with my own version of Juypter notebooks (an older version I would guess as my setup only supports python3.8). I had a browser tab open in the background - maybe there was some kind of conflict. I closed everything, restarted the browser, reopened the assignment and everything worked perfectly. PEBKAC I guess.

Thanks for the help

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