Bug on "Submit Assignment"

Bug shows as following picture:

This bug does not occur as soon as the Assignment is opened, but comes after a while using it, especially after the webpage is resized.

Hi, @Damon.

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

Is it still happening? Were you able to submit the assignment?

Hi, @nramon ,

The bug is still happening, and I can submit the assignment.
Everything functions well, it just causes noise and inconvenience.

Hi @mubsi,

I noticed that you have added this problem to category “DLS Course 2”.
It’ very kind of you for doing this to help.

Recently, I find that it happens at every DLS Course, just let you know.
Again, thanks for your help.

Hey @Damon can you tell me how to replicate this ? Because I don’t see this in my notebook. Thanks.

Hi @Mubsi, I did a trial:
Just opening the assignment (of any DLS Course), without doing anything, the first bug will show up in about 5 min. Then it generates more as time passing. Full webpage and resized webpage generate bug at same speed.

Currently works on MacBook Pro M1 with chrome. Tried opening the assignment with Safari, and the bug occurs too.

Open assignment in about 5 min:

Open assignment in about 7 min:

Hi @Mubsi,

This bug is gone after the help center helping me update the DLS course to the latest version.
Just let you know. :smiley:

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