Building a Recurrent Neural Network Step by Step

Hi actually i want to know the exact operations here ;

  1. rnn_cell_forward;
    xt_tmp ,a_prev_tmp and different parameters (Waa,Wax,…)are specified with np.random.randn() function so my doubt is like we can use different dimension or specific how to choose these values like(3,10)(5,10)
    a[4][1] = \n", a_tmp[4][1]; what is the meaning of this lines
    print("a.shape = ", a_tmp.shape):what is the meaning and what it will print
  2. lstm_cell_forward;
    parameters_tmp[‘Wf’] = np.random.randn(5, 5 + 3): what is the meaning and why we need to pass(5,5+3) why not only (5,5)
    print("a[4][3][6] = ", a_tmp[4][3][6]); what is the meaning and what it will print
    Thanks in advance

Hi @shivraj ,

Have you found the answers yet? let’s know if we could help.

Hi I found all the answers and successfully completed all the courses

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Hi @shivraj ,

Congratulations for successfully completed the course. Thanks for letting us know.