Building the model Wk 2 exercise 8

Hi Paul
Can you advise please
Exercise 8 - model - appears to call for about 6 to 8 lines of code. I initially thought “How simple!”
However as I started the exercise I began to wonder how it would work if I did exactly as asked. The model seems so sparse if you do it that way.
So I guessed about what was needed and my image of the problem grows with each thought-iteration.
Am I over-thinking this?
Is the exercise simply to fill in a few details of code + the odd call or two?
Or should I be coding at length to somewhere between 20 and 30 lines of code?

We have implemented a collection of lower level functions that encapsulate most of the functionality that we need. The point of the model function is to call those functions with the appropriate arguments to put everything together and create the complete solution. You shouldn’t have to add that many lines of code to invoke the appropriate functions. The instructions and the comments give you quite a bit of direction. Note that the number of lines are just suggestions. Anytime you write code, there is more than one way to do it.