C1 W1 Assignment can't open Sagemaker

I started the lab once and everything looked ok but I couldn’t finish it in time (the lab closed in 2 hours even though the vocareum description said it would close in 4 hours). So when I reopened the lab, I couldn’t start SageMaker because there were no user profiles in the created domain - and I don’t have permissions to create a user profile. Could anyone help me with this?

Hmmm, it is supposed to let you back into the same session if it is within the 4 hours. Also, to clarify, you’ll always have just 2 hours for the assignments, the 4 hours is how long vocareum is supposed to keep that session open for. I don’t have the right permissions to really do anything besides asking if you ‘turned it off and on’ eg. logout of everything and log back in and try again. If that doesn’t work after the 4 hours is up it should work again. Or if @esanina is online she could try something more direct.

Thanks for the reply. I tried logging off and logging back in but it didn’t help :frowning:

After waiting a while, I restarted the lab and this time the user profile was created and I could finish it. The curious fact is that this time before opening the console it asked me to logoff, yesterday when I wasn’t able to open Sagemaker because of the user profile issue I wasn’t asked to logoff before opening the console. Anyway, thanks everyone