When I run the following cell:
I get the following error message:
AccessDeniedException: An error occurred (AccessDeniedException) when calling the GetDatabase operation: User: arn:aws:sts::518486407176:assumed-role/AmazonSageMaker-ExecutionRole-20220929T152892/SageMaker is not authorized to perform: glue:GetDatabase on resource: arn:aws:glue:us-east-1:518486407176:database/dsoaws_deep_learning because no identity-based policy allows the glue:GetDatabase action

Hello Majid,

Are you still facing the issue .

I realized that we are supposed to use the third party tool Vocareum Lab for the assignment but I ran out of time and I cannot use the Vocareum Lab. I’m trying to run the note book on my own AWS account but I face this error message. Would you please help me with this issue?

I also face the same issue. Pleas advice!