C1_W2_Linear_Regression - decimals

Hi everyone,

I can’t get “all tests passed”, the answers are right but they have more decimals, I’ve tried to change the functions but always got the same result, here’s an example of the differences:

Please help
(Still learning English, please don’t judge me :smile: )


If you can’t get all the tests passed, then there must be some problem with your code. I suggest you go over those areas and check against the logic provided in the Hints. Be sure the indentation is correct when structuring the code block.

You do not need to get the same number of digits, although this may signal that you’re casting your results to float64 when you don’t need to.

After five or so decimal places, any differences probably don’t matter.

Do you have problems with passing all of the tests in the notebook?

Hi @TMosh and @Kic ,

I ran the same code this afternoon and everything was ok (got 100%), I really don’t know what happened yesterday.

I didn’t passed all the test but anyway I got the 100% with the same issue.

Thanks for your support