C1_W4_Assignment Exercise 11 test is non-deterministic

I face a problem in the final unit-test of programming assignment of course 1, week 4.

Fast considering 77 vecs
Wrong chosen neighbor ids.
Expected: [51, 2478, 105].
Got: [2478, 1876, 253].
Fast considering 153 vecs
Wrong chosen neighbor ids.
Expected: [992, 4750, 9486, 9101].
Got: [9486, 9101, 9074, 8992].
0 Tests passed
2 Tests failed

or example, if one compares tweets under ids 51 and 253, they look just the same.
The problem is related to the test and not to my solution - it can be proven through a debugging (checkout the screenshot). The test is lacking a determinism. There are more than 3 vectors with cosine similarity with respect to target being maximal. Expected 3 vectors are among them. The test definitely requires fixing.

In regards to the above i am asking to rise my grade for the programming assignment in C1_W4 by 10 points (like if the last unit-tests was green).

Hi @grishnjaev

Often, there is more than one solution to a problem. You were asked to implement a certain solution. Wouldn’t it be best for your learning to implement the solution you were asked?


I have implemented the solution that was asked for and I’m having the some problem