C1_W4_Assignment Grader error

I passed all the unit tests in the notebook but I keep getting grader error. Can someone advice how to proceed?

Hi @Ken_Liao,

Could you mention the course, the week and the assignment names from where is is from ?

In addition to knowing the Specialization and course you are talking about, the other thing to show would be the output under “Show Grader Output”. Sometimes there are clues there.

If you pass the unit tests in the notebook, but fail the grader, one class of errors to look for is cases in which your code is not “general”. E.g. it references global variables defined in the notebook context or perhaps it hard-codes some assumptions about the sizes or dimensions of the input values that happen to match the particular test case in the notebook.

Also note that you can move this thread to the appropriate category by using the little “Edit Pencil” on the title. Or just let us know the Specialization and Course and we can move it for you. You’ll usually have better luck getting the attention of the folks who know that assignment by posting in the appropriate category instead of “General Discussions”.