C1_W4_Assignment grading issue?

Hi @shubi4

Variables to check:

* en_fr vs. en_fr_train  # UNQ_C1
* french_vecs vs. fr_embeddings_subset  # UNQ_C1
* english_vecs vs. en_embeddings_subset  # UNQ_C1
* en_embeddings vs. en_embeddings_subset  # UNQ_C12, # UNQ_C14
* all_docs vs. all_tweets  # UNQ_C14
* v vs. vec  # UNQ_C17
* vecs vs. document_vecs  # UNQ_C19
* v vs. vec_to_search  # UNQ_C21
  • Make sure you do not have variables inside the functions that you declared outside the function;
  • Make sure you do not have cells that produce any kind of error;

In any case when you are sure you pass all the tests and that you do any of the following, it is advised to get a clean copy of the notebook and complete all the cells again. You would be surprised how many students have forgot that they missed this or that.

If you still have the problem, please private message me (by clicking on my avatar) your Assignment notebook (how to download).