C1W1 0/10 score for Existence of S3 bucket

This is my command: !aws s3 ls s3://dlai-practical-data-science/data/raw/

But I always get 0/10 for that part. What is wrong with my command in the notebook? I executed the last cell several times to upload the notebook, but still my score is zero

In summary, I get 0 for all of the parts, even if I finished everything.

Total score 0/100
Existence of S3 bucket 0/10
View of dataset file in the S3 bucket -/10
Registration of data with AWS Glue Catalog -/10
Existence of AWS Glue Data Catalog items -/15
SQL query -/15
Bar plot -/15
Existence of visualization plots -/20
Correctness of the notebook syntax -/5

I came back to the lab to finish C1W1. I also tried working per exercise, execute the last cell then submit to check the scores. Problem solved!

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