C1W1 - pip errors

When trying to install the pip modules, I get errors that make it impossible to continue the assignment. I followed the directions in this post as this described the first error I encountered. But then after nearly 45 minutes, most of the modules failed to install. I’ve included screenshots below.

Despite the errors, I thought I might be able to continue since the assignment says to “ignore warning messages during the installation”. But when trying to execute code blocks after the pip install commands, the code doesn’t actually execute.

Hi @cantenesse

Are you installing the prerequisites inside a virtual environment?

No. Did I miss an instruction that said to do that?

Normally, this is not required when installing software on a personal computer (because you should have full permissions by default). But when installing it in a computer that is not personal, sys. admins are the root users, therefore you cannot install some programs by yourself. One way to install things as root is by asking the sys. admin to install them for you or create virtual environments so that you can install them by yourself.

This is in a sagemaker notebook that is included with the course. I’m wondering if creating a virtual environment will cause problems with the grading?

Please re-post this issue in the corresponding course so that we can help more about which course you are referring to and that in the future people who are having the same problem as you can look for your post in the respective course. Currently, this post is on General Discussions.

Oops, ok done. Thanks for letting me know to do that! Still getting used to how all this works!

How can I create virtual enviroment?