C1W3 assignment Exercise 3

Can anyone please give me some hints what to replace “None”? Is my replacement of “None” correct? thanks

suppose if AutoMLJobArtifacts is generated, where do I see “AutoMLJobArtifacts”? what is it?

I’m a bit lost in exercise 4 too, not sure if this is correct although there is no error during execution. thanks

Hello Yang,

If you want to see all jobs behind the automl, you can see it in the Experiments and trials list. Please see the below image.

When you right-click on the name of your experiment, you can see the menu 1) Open in trial component list and 2) Describe AutoML Job. Please see below.


And when you right-click on the name of your trail in the described automl job, you can open the model details. Finally, you can see the tab of artifacts in the model details. Please see below.

Hello BJ, thanks for the guidance, and I did see the list of artifacts, mine is the same as the list posted by you. But I’m still confused about the exercise description, Should I see “AutoMLJobArtifacts” added below “algorithm model” under tag “Artifacts” after execution of the scripts?

Hi Yang,

I think I made you confusing. Sorry for that.

With the AutoMLJobArtifacts element, you can find the location of two notebooks that are generated by the SageMaker Autopilot. The first one is CandidateDefinitionNotebookLocation and the second one is DataExplorationNotebookLocation which is described in our instruction.

You can customize the SageMaker Autopilot workflow using those notebooks. So I think this is a good reason you should see that AutoMLJobArtifacts element.

Additionally, even you can find the location of notebooks by clicking “Review generated notebooks in S3 bucket” which is generated by the next step of exercise 4 in our assignment. You can also explore the notebooks inside of SageMaker Studio. Please see below.

Best regards,