C1W3: Can't find experiments and trials after executing the notebook in the sagemaker studio environment

I have completed the week 3 assignment. I was trying to find the experiments and trials through the GUI. However, it says that “there are no projects yet”. How can I link the notebook execution to the studio GUI environment, so that I can inspect experiments and trials there? For example, are there some lines of code executed in the notebook that allow you to establish a project in the sagemaker studio?

I think you can find them by running the cells below them which point to a html page redirecting to amazon sage maker page in where you can find all the metrics and try to wait for a few minutes after deploying

Hi Khushwanth, thank you so much for your prompt response. I could not find the link to the sagemaker page. Perhaps you can help me to understand the pattern of the url that directs me to the sagemaker studio page, so I can write it.

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You can find them in the lab assignment

Hi Khushwanth, I could not find the code in the lab assignment or in the AWS documentation. If you do find it, do you mind sharing it under this topic?


fill the region name and the final url should be as


When you launched the Autopilot job, you requested that 3 model candidates are generated and compared. Therefore, you should see three (3) SageMaker training jobs in the above url


this url allows you to allows you to see all the models the model trained on and validation and summary.

hope this solves your issue.

if the issue is apart from this, please let me know