C1W3 Exercise 6: Job never completes

I’ve had trouble with this exercise on multiple occasions in which the SageMaker process never completes (cell stuck in while loop). In Exercise 6, there was a long running process (generating documentation?) that got stuck (see attached image). When I had a similar issue in Exercise 4, I restarted the kernel and reran all cells, then the unmodified code ran without issues. Is this a problem with AWS experiencing occasional delays, or something else? I spent a significant amount of extra time because of this, but I did finish the assignment (see comment below). Wanted to raise this issue here in case others are experiencing it too.
Overall, I’ve had a great learning experience with the assignments so far, so thank you!

Posting a follow up for completeness. I closed out of the lab without restarting kernel, waited an hour or so, then logged back in with my same notebook environment preserved. When I picked up again where I left off, the job I was waiting on above had completed and I was able to finish the assignment without further issues. I guess some of the steps can take much longer than 5-10 minutes sometimes? Maybe just a AWS hiccup I guess.

Hi @fdpearce,

Generally, it should not take more than 10 minutes as mentioned above the cell. I’ll report this issue to the team, They might require your lab link.

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A. Sriharsha


@fdpearce Could you please send us the AWS account number so we can investigate the issue. Thank you!

Same here! it still shows ‘Wait for Autopilot to finish generating the notebooks.’ after hours!!!

Hi @esanina,

Sorry, I forgot to respond to your question. I just finished the
specialization, but I circled back to this lab and still have access.
Here is the assignment link from Vocareum:


Does that have the relevant info you need? If not, please let me know
where to find the AWS account # and I can look it up for you. I can
also send you a copy of the notebook in a private message, but not
sure that would be useful given this seemed like a backend AWS issue.

Thanks for your help!


Thank you Fred,

I’ll forward the link to the support team.

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