C1W3 Exercise: grader too strict?


I feel like the grader for the exercise C1W3 is very strict:

I haven’t done a lot of research, but it seems that for 6.1 the grader expects

while job_status in ('InProgress') and job_sec_status in ('ModelTuning')

and does not allow the equivalent:

while job_status in 'InProgress' and job_sec_status in 'ModelTuning'

To me one of these feel more natural:

while job_status in ('InProgress',) and job_sec_status in ('ModelTuning',)


while job_status == 'InProgress' and job_sec_status == 'ModelTuning'

What do you think?

Hi @croth, welcome to discourse!

I’ll forward your feedback to the teaching team. Thank you for your suggestion!


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So I was working on the week3 assignment. And I had everything good up through section 2. After section 2 I had errors and almost every cell. I submitted for grading to try and see where the primary failure was happening. I thought maybe I put the wrong thing into a cell in section 1 and 2 and it still worked when the cell was executed. Very much to my surprise I was awarded 75/100 points. In my honest opinion I should not have received that score. I do not know if the grader was made more relaxed in the last couple days, but I think it seems to laxed. My code was throwing errors on over 50% of the code and just because I clicked submit trying to troubleshoot I somehow passed the assignment. I am not saying I do not want the passing score, but I really just want to know why I was getting soo many errors but still somehow had a passing score?

Hi @dbiber,

Thanks for sharing. I ask you to please reply with screenshots of all errors you faced so that we can go through them all. Nonetheless, congrats on passing through!


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