C1W4 - Notebook Kernel load error


Its a pretty long wait for a kernel to start. an hour at least. Any ideas anyone? Mentors?

ok it loaded after I posted this thread. lol

All in all… this kernel took 1 hour and 5 minutes to load. :expressionless:


could any mentor or assistant chime in the reason for the long wait time for the notebook kernel to start? Its rather counter productive to sit through this for every assignment for all courses.

Is this Amazon’s way of trying to onboard users into paying for subscriptions? :joy:

Fun times. :joy:

hmm… after having an error of starting the kernel 4 times, the notebook finally loaded!

By the time I get to this portion where this cell will run for 15 minutes…

I am left with 1 minute…


Apparently, after the expiry of 2 hours, there is a cleanup that will take 25 minutes and another 20 minutes or so for a new account creation.

How does one get to pass this course if this is a regular occurrence? lol.

Any advice for a work around over this cruel joke? haha


Got the same issue!!! what should I do???