Will Integral Calculus be covered in this course?

ML uses differential calculus, since that’s how we get the gradients of the cost function.

Is there no use case for integral calculus in ML?
Is it not used in probability & statistics either?

I can’t answer for the entirety of Machine Learning topics.

Hey @Debatreyo_Roy,

Yes, you are correct on this. The most common use-case is computing the CDF for any probability distribution, for which, we integrate the PDF of the distribution. However, as Tom pointed out, differential calculus is more majorly used in ML, that’s why the course 2 of the specialization focuses on that. Moreover, since the courses are aimed towards beginners, it is essential to ensure that the learners don’t feel overwhelmed.

If you are interested in learning about Integral calculus, you can check out this wonderful playlist from Khan academy. Let us know if this helps.