C2 W1 A3: I'm stuck on last problem gradient_check_N

i feel like i have code correctly written is it ok to put a screen shot? i don"t know how u could comment otherwise i hope this is ok to do - any suggestions i may be overlooking something dumb - last time i got stuck i found an extra underscore and it took a day to find it -

{moderator edit: code removed}

ignore that screen type that just happened but im getting my error code pointing to the numerator

Please do not post your code on the forum. That’s not allowed by the Code of Conduct.
If a mentor needs to see your code, we’ll contact you with instructions.

You can post any error messages or asserts. Usually a screen capture image is best for this.

im really so sorry i didnt mean to violate conduct - won’t happen again -

so i’m getting a syntax error on the numerator = np.linalg etc etc im not sure why - i thought it looked fairly clean - its like when you are looking for a certain sock in a nice neat clothes draw - u have them meticulously organized and then u tear them apart when the sock u want comes up missing -in the same way im tediously careful as i’m writing line by line double checking triple checking its best for me if it goes through to all tests passed off the rip - but when it blows up - if im not super careful im likely to make it worse - any pointers would be appreciated

Syntax errors usually mean there is a mistake on some previous line. The error is flagged at the point that the interpreter gives up.
In this case, the last character it liked was the ‘r’ just before the ‘=’ operator.

For example, mis-matched parenthesis are one common cause.

Count the parenthesis here:

omg lol

thank u that little nuance is helpful wish i knew more of them - thank u so much

this last one was supposed to fail right? im gonna work on it but i should be able to submit now right? - im getting a 60% on the assignment - im a bit confused again -it looks like i must have made another mistake - is this the wrong error code ?

No. None of the asserts should fail. There is an error in your code.

i think i upended the sock draw again - looking for that lost parenthesis - i had all tests passing up until back prop at 7.814… i may have to get a fresh assignment i was tooling around looking for the possible error on dW1 and b1 i think i added a cell and then maybe dumped one too many its mostly on autopilot until i get to gradient_n - i dont know how i could have blown it in the homestretch but i did apparently

could u name some common beginner miscues that might cause the gradient_check_n to be off by .7 - to point me in some direction

heres the error its saying im not using np.linalg.norm so that must mean like prior error this is where it “gave up” but the problem must exist somewhere else im going over it with a comb

The assert that is triggering is the one that the arrow ----> is pointing at (line 8). That’s the “wrong value” assert. The other lines (6 and 7) are just there for context.

I’ll look into this a bit further.

is there any update im hoping to get this done the gradient_check_ n in the last part of the third assignment is similar to the ealier gradient chek except this one involves higher dimensional inputs - the forward and back prop are done for me but an intentional value is off that ill get to if i can square this my code here is very similar to gradient_check entry which worked can u tell me if im missing a line or something ive hit an invisible wall

I did not find anything to report.

i got the code to go through with no error messages. but im still getting failed on one cell and not passing

im not getting any error message on my actual code the grader sqys i have a failed test must be hidden but im not getting it i can send u my code directly and here is error message from grader

Check your private messages.