C2_W1 - Bar Plot grade issue

I’m getting 0/10. Did I miss something?


No, you didn’t miss anything. I thought I was helping you guys by putting %matplotlib inline in that cell in case there were some people who couldn’t figure out why the plot wasn’t showing. Little did I know, when it is in the same cell as the grader, the grader breaks! Just move %matplotlib inline somewhere else or just get rid of it and plt.show() should work if you still want to see the plot. This should be fixed in the very near future, the pull request is just waiting for review.

Same answer, just posted in case another mentor sees your post without an answer and thinks you still need help.

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I am still getting this issue. In order to pass this exercise I need to remove “%matplotlib inline” line from the cell.

It must be wasting time for other learners too to figure this out. I wasted one whole lab to this, Please fix.

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Yes, you need to comment out the %matplotlib line