C2_W1_Exercise 10 -Suggest Spelling Suggestion Failed 1 Test (Wrong Output Length)

For Exercise 10, I’m able to get the correct output based on what is shown when dys is passed in as a word. I pass all the tests except for 1 and it tells me it’s expecting length 2 and received length 1. I have no way of understanding where the problem is because I don’t know what was passed to it for the unit test.

The only thing I can think of is it has something to do with the intersection hints. I didn’t employ intersection in my solution because from the instructions it didn’t appear I needed to if I followed the short-circuit solution. Not sure if that’s accurate or not. Would appreciate some help with this.

So I flipped verbose = True in the function parameter and passed the test…what???

If you’re having trouble with a test that is built-into the notebook, you can use the File → Open menu and open the utility files where the unit tests are defined.

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