C2 W1 Gradient Checking homework sequence doesn't make sense

Apologies for the large image, but I wanted to get the cells in context.

The instruction at top says, “Let’s look at your implementations…”
followed by a code block for forward_propagation_n
Then another instruction which says, “Now, run backward propagation.”
followed by a block of code for backward_propagation_n

That’s the confusing part, that it says “Now, run”, but the cell following doesn’t actually run anything, rather it only defines the function.

To add to the confusion, it continues “You obtained some results…”, which leads me to believe something should have run, and I should be seeing some results.

I’m assuming this must just be a typo, and we really are only supposed to be “looking at our implementations”, and not “running backward propagation” at this time. This should be clarified.

You are correct, those are typos.
I’ll submit a support ticket.