C2_W1 TFDV: FYI: `tensorflow_metadata.proto.v0` not needed

I used the following code to create a domain range for the ‘age’ feature:

tfdv.get_feature(schema, 'age').int_domain.min = 15
tfdv.get_feature(schema, 'age').int_domain.max = 100

tfdv.get_feature(schema, 'age')

Then, I reuse the schema to cleanup the eval set:

# drop missing values

# Use updated schema data to update (programmatic update):
min_age = tfdv.get_feature(schema, 'age').int_domain.min
max_age = tfdv.get_feature(schema, 'age').int_domain.max

# Filter the age range using meta info:
eval_df = eval_df[eval_df['age'] >= min_age]
eval_df = eval_df[eval_df['age'] <= max_age]

Hi! Thank you for sharing this tip! The code indeed looks cleaner by using the int_domain property!