C2_W2_Assignment Dedm problem

I am having issues submitting this lab because of exercise 5, which results in a zero total grade. I believe it is a grading bug because I got all the expected outputs correct and I have passed all w2_unittest tests. Please, I want a solution as fast as possible.

I hope it’s not about grading bug, but if you read the comment that the compiler gave you is that you didn’t define “dEdm”, so try to check your code and show us the specific area.

let’s know the progress.

@Abdullah_assaf, No don’t post back your code, that would break the course Code of Conduct.

But I agree that your code has a typo (ed: or other error) that needs fixing.

Thanks for reminding us, to stick on the code of conduct.

if I have a typo, I should get a zero in exercise 5 only, why would I get a zero for all other exercises with the same comment that dEdm function is not defined?

The grader is kind of funny, if anything makes it crash (like a syntax or runtime error), it stops and doesn’t grade anything as being correct.

Did you check for that “dEdm” test string in your notebook?

sorry I did not get your question fully, but if you mean that if this statement (w2_unittest.test_partial_derivatives(dEdm, dEdb, X_norm, Y_norm)) is in the notebook, the answer is yes.

Sorry, I meant “text string”, not “test string”.

I’m checking a few things. Please stand by.

dEdm() is a function, it should be defined in your notebook like this:

I literally did the same thing and I got the same as the expected output

but still giving me 0 for the whole assignment

For those who find this thread later:

The issue in this case was that the metadata for the “graded” tag was missing from at least one cell in the notebook.

It isn’t exactly clear how this happens. I’ve only seen it a couple of times per year.

The easier fix for this is to rename your notebook, then get a new copy (via the “Help” → “Get latest version” tool), then copy your code from the old notebook into the new one. This also assures that your copy of the notebook matches the one the grader expects.

The not-so-easy fix is to use the “Edit metadata” tool, and look for cells that are missing the ‘graded’ tag.

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This means your code has a defect that one of the grader’s test cases detected.
Passing the tests in the notebook does not prove your code is perfect.

What is the detailed grader feedback? Please post a screen capture image.