C2_W2_Assignment showing "ResourceLimitExceeded" from Excercise 5

Dear Sir,

I have completed previous entire excercise properly but in the excercise 5 showing ResourceLimitExceeded error. Due to this reason I can not continue my excercise as well as not able to submit my assignment.

I request you to solve this problem as early as possible so that I can submit my assignment quickly.

Md. Anas Mondol

Hello, mentors do not have access to your notebook at all. But I think you have changed the processing unit that was assigned to you by default or you have not followed the assignment instructions properly, so try to locate that, it might solve your issue.

Hi Anas,

In you SageMaker console on AWS’ page, make sure that no training jobs are running.

@gent.spah @mmg Thank you so much for yours support I have solved my issues and I got certificate. And currently I’m learning course 3 in week 1.